What is Online Advertising, How is it Made?

Online advertising is the promotion of products or servicesthrough digital channels. In order to reach potential customers, onlinemanagement is very important. Today, internet advertising, which has become oneof the most preferred channels among advertising channels, has many advantagesfor the advertiser. If you need to exemplify the advantages of internetadvertising, internet advertising, for example, offers you the opportunity tochoose breakdowns such as age, gender, and interest when choosing your targetaudience. Internet advertising allows you to know your customers and to createcustomized personalized ads for them. This list goes on and on. In other words,internet advertising is quite a source of income for you.


What is Conversion Optimization?

The work done to increase the realization rate of macro andmicro targets that you define for your website or mobile application is calledconversion optimization. The goals set for conversion optimization differ foreach website. But in the most basic sense, conversion optimization is done totransform visitors who enter the site into customers, members or users.


Why Online Advertising Management is Required?

The conversion rates of the communication activitiesconducted in printed media within the digitalized world are very low. If youadvertise on AdWords, Facebook Ads as much as the budget spent on printedmedia, you can easily understand the difference. If you do online advertisingmanagement, it increases not only the availability but also the chance ofselling, that is, the chance of obtaining revenue. You should not forget thatmore than 1 billion people use a search engine like Google. As a company,showing up here will meet your target audience, it will affect your business,your turnover and your profits in a great way.


How to Get More Conversions with Online Ads?

Applying the best advertising strategies will help you usethe resources of your e-commerce more effectively and effectively. It alsoincreases your traffic and your conversions proportionally.

If you want to increase the sales of your e-commerce site,the responsibility and difficult processes of this task may be overwhelmed. Ofcourse, it is very normal for you to feel like this. After all; If you makewrong decisions, you can pay extra losses and lose your competition on themarket instead of benefiting yourself. But; If you follow the right and provenstrategies, you can enjoy more online success for your e-commerce venture,outperform your competitors. Use the following tactics to stop wasting youravailable resources and start gaining more markets in the market.


Draw attention

You have the most beautiful products in the world, but noone knows. If you have such a concept, the first step to doing more online isto attract more attention.

However, there are always false perceptions about how todraw the attention of too many people. They think that they can create a simplewebsite, list their products or services, and their target audience will findthem magically. This is not true. There are millions of different websites,e-commerce markets, applications and businesses that want to attract theattention of your customers at any time and try to touch their focus.

In order to stand out from this crowded market and attract attention,you must be unique in your ads. For example, you can post a Facebook ad thatoffers the main benefits of the product directly to the title, and thenencourage the viewers to your e-commerce site with clicks. When preparing yourcontent, you should be careful to organize natural and original content, whichis not mentioned in the news site format, but with a content approach, whichincreases the success of international sites, as mentioned in the provenguides, which touches the lives and effects of your audience, and the benefits.For example; “Save 50% on your insurance! Click here for moreinformation."


Create interest

You started to attract attention online, your e-commercesite now attracts attention. However, you have a problem that your audience isnot there. You should continue to touch the imagination of your audience andkeep them there. In this process, you should become a place that keeps youraudience interested.

After taking the action desired with your advertisingtargeting (such as clicking on your e-commerce site, signing up or watchingvideos), you want to direct them to your landing, product or offer page and geta complete conversion from them. The place reached in this point, that is, yourwebsite should definitely match the relevant information that determines thatyour ads are integrated with your messages. You won't have a second chance to gainconfidence!

Remember that in everything you add to the sections andcontents of your ads, you should create approaches that focus on youraudience's needs, desires and fears, not feelings for you or your business.


Create the desire

You have now adequately shown that your product is relevantto your audience. Then it is time to create desire. In the previous section,your job was to show that your offer can solve the problem of your audience,but now you should increase the perception value of the service you provide anddevelop an impressive desire on your purchasing goals. If you cannot do this,your conversions will see the composition at this point.

If you sell cookie dough, don't say: “The best cookie doughyou will get!” Instead, you can say: “Welcome your loved ones with wonderfulcookies”. This technique makes the reader more relevant to your ad. If youneglect to add the desire, you will get less transformation.


Ask for action

The previous three steps were necessary. You should alwaysattract their attention, attract their attention and raise their desire level.However, a successful ad won't complete without the next step. At this point,you need to ask your visitors to take a specific action.

In this important step, you have to know exactly what to doand how to do it, otherwise you may lose potential buyers. Avoid losing buyers.Example: "To order now, fill out the form below and then click on theorder." Make sure your sense of satisfaction by targeting the shortesttime associated with transportation.

It may seem simple, but too many businesses don't care aboutit, and that's why it misses sales a lot.



The previous four steps represent the sales funnel, now yoursteps need to be tested. If you want more conversions, you should test itfrequently. You need to run two different versions of your ad in onetransaction as A / B testing.

In order to increase your customers consistently with youradvertising strategies and accelerate conversions, you should definitely makeuse of the A / B test. You need to determine which ad converts better.



The easiest way to increase your sales is to targetconversions to customers who have previously purchased your product. If youapply a phone, email or ad follow-up order, you can always be in the opinion ofthe consumer, ensuring that the consumer is not constantly forgotten. Thus, itis much more possible for them to remember you when it is time to buy again.

Another benefit of tracking is that you can create greatcommunications with existing users of your service. This process also allowsyou to discover the weaknesses and strengths of your offer so you can developthem. In today's fast-moving world, you need to adapt to these processes tostay on the market quickly. This may sound simple, but you need a discipline tocarry it out. These are the steps for a strong online advertising campaign:attention, interest, desire, action, testing, tracking. This formula has provento drive more conversions and sales. Choosing your e-commerce package correctlyis the most important step. Use the tactics set out for you and start toachieve more in your business.