Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms; The common interests of individualsare platform software, on which mobile and internet services work, which enablethem to socialize by connecting with each other on activities such asactivities. It is the general name of any platform where user content ispublished and shared by the person himself.

Sharing users' experiences on the internet bringsopportunities for companies. Social Media Platform (English: SocialMediaPlatform), a type of software developed by platform providers, is alsoimportant at this point.

Various information, entertainment, life, hobby, interests,messaging, interactive, events, comments and content sharing services can bedeveloped on the Social Media Platform. Unlimited mobile and internet servicescan be opened on social media platforms, as well as allowing the platform ownerto manage the content of all their services. Multimedia content and galleriesopen to sharing and sale. Services opened on the platform can be integratedwith interactive and multichannel access (Wap, Web, SMS & MMS, IM andMobile applications) and international social media services.

Vertical (vertical) and horizontal (horizontal) socialnetworks, which can be created on the Social Media Platform, provide brand orindustry-based advertising opportunities. Today, social media services are themost preferred advertising channel of brands.

The increasing use of mobile internet has brought socialmedia services to become more mobile. Most social media services have a mobileapp. Developed applications easily integrate into social media platforms.



Social media content is accessible from anywhere, anytimevia the Internet. Platforms are developed compatible with mobile devices fromthe first day and can be updated by e-mail.


Social media makes it easy for the contacts to providefeedback and make the necessary contributions. It silks the line between themedia and its audience and puts it in the service of the user.

Speech and communities

Traditional media mostly includes one-way communication.Feedback is difficult and time-consuming in classical mass media. Against this,social media offers individuals two-way communication, comfortable and timelyfeedback. Social media allows communities to quickly build up on relevanttopics or individuals and to communicate effectively accordingly.


Many social media are connecting. They provide links toother sites, resources and people for ease of use, advertisement or any otherreason.


Each platform has its own or an application developmentinterface (API) that uses certain standards. In this way, it is possible toprovide additional functions to the users with permanent tools.



Although the number of users of these tools, expressed inthousands, is millions, they are capable of serving the masses by using manynew generation technologies from the beginning.


The most important feature of social media is thateverything is fluid, dynamic and constantly updated like water.

Propaganda Activities in Social Media

Social media has become the biggest propaganda tool of manyorganizations with the increase in internet usage. Organizations such ascommercial brands, political parties, non-governmental organizations in theglobalizing world aim to reach more people with social media. There are manypurposes such as changing the ideas of social media users by sharing manypropaganda purposes in favor of or against secondary people in social media.

Social Media Optimization

It is a strategic study aiming to professionalize socialnetwork profiles of institutions and individuals and direct traffic to targetedsites with specific content placement and sharing. It is a method used toincrease the visibility on the Internet.

Social Media Expert

Social media specialist, shortly after the concept of SocialNetworks, which emerged with the development of internet technology andculture, will be used for the promotion of news, announcements, campaignannouncements and various activities on the Social Media Channels, in order toreach the broader audiences of commercial or social responsibility projects. Itis the general name of the work done by the employees in order to convey theitems that contain product, service or social responsibility to the selectivesections in the perception in a short, clear and understandable way withoutstopping the reader's extra time. In the most recent period it is defined asarananmeslek in Turkey.

Social Media Marketing

It is about gaining traffic and getting attention throughsocial media sites.

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